The big chop : It really isn’t that scary

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my big chop story


It’s throwback Thursday or what I am going to call big chop Thursday.Today I am flashing back to when I chopped off my hair. It was almost four years ago. WOW, time flies.

Most naturals have heard of the term the “big chop”. It is a pretty scary process for most women as cutting off your hair is kind of a daunting experience. You wonder is it going to suit me? Let’s be honest most concepts of beauty identify with long flowing hair.

I remember the day I decided to cut off all my processed ends and go natural. It was honestly quite liberating. I find embracing your true self and owning who you are usually leads to some of the most freeing thoughts and emotions. No, it is not just hair. It is a beautiful crown that lets you show the world who you are.  It lets you radiate your inner beauty.

Before you decide to take the leap make sure you do your research. How do you intend to wear your hair? Or you going to wear wigs and weaves or a tiny fro ? Are you going to add a pop of colour the possibilities are endless ? You can either have a diy at home or go to a hairdresser who can hook you up with cute new  do.

What is the big chop?

I define it as cutting off your chemically treated hair to return to your roots i.e to reveal and embrace the natural texture of your hair.  I prefer this method to simply transitioning (growing out the chemically treated hair ) for these reasons :

Instant results. I have zero patience so the idea of waiting for the hair to grow out and having to deal with different textures of hair i.e the straight ends and the curly roots was not appealing at all to me.

Easy hair care. Short hair really can give you a sexy confidence boost. It is so easy to care for. The thought of having a new do was so exciting to me.

No style foul ups . not having to worry about hair flops and humidity also was a plus. Don’t you hate it when you get your hair all done up and the weather just does not co-operate?

Now I am not saying that this process is an easy one. Who here has become a product junkie at least once in their life? It is really about figuring out your individual needs and what works for your specific hair type because all of our crowns are unique.

What I recommend is that you find a good natural shampoo and conditioner and a great detangler as well. Make sure your hair stays moisturised extreme dryness can lead to breakage . Also, make sure you have a satin headscarf for when you sleep. These are the basics . Just embrace the journey and have fun with it . Natural hair is so versatile the possibilities are endless . At the end of the day, we all just want healthy hair that is the goal of all of us natural queens .

Talk to me natural ladies 

When and why did you decide to do the big chop ?

What is your favorite protective style ?

What is your must have natural product ?

Here is a snapshot of my before and after the big chop

Collage 2017-08-03 11_09_56

Check out this article on how to do the big chop yourself. There are so many others out there as always Google is your BFF . 

Happy Thursday Love and Blessings



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