The carousel of Modern Life

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Repetition, Stagnation; the mindless carousel of modern life

Everyone is so busy

No one has the time to reach out in a real way

That would reduce our screen time

Is this an alternate reality?

Have we all lost our minds?

Dumbed down by what passes for entertainment

We seem to remain blind

To the destruction that we have inflicted on our planet and  fellow humans

It takes zero effort to be kind

What is up is down, right is wrong

Now I know how Alice felt at the tea party

The mad hatter is loose and we’ve all lost of heads

I just want to scream ”Somebody save¬† me ”

I hope someday we awake from this slumber

Open our consciousness and escape the tide of greed and lust for power

Live life with real feeling

Don’t just exist

But be ALIVE.

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire


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