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20170101_00013520170101_000141via Photo Challenge: Delta

For this weeks challenge I decided to throw it back to New years Eve . During this time we reflect on change and what we hope for in the year to come . Think about it so much can happen in a year . Love is lost and found , jobs change , new friendships . That night was one of the best of my life . I spent it with a friend very dear yo my heart . We laughed, ¬†we drank and celebrated life . The ¬†fireworks and their changing form the ebb the flow ;The loud bangs the short burst of noise and color changes all can reflect the various events of life . This saying is so cliche but the only constant of life is change . Every day our bodies undergo transformation ad over time so does our soul . My take away from this week’s theme is that no matter what we go through we adapt , we grow and most importantly we should celebrate life . Perspective is everything .



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