The Daily Post photo challenge : transient

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For me nothing says beauty and impermanence like a rainbow . We have rain and we have sunlight two opposites . This a metaphor for life . The rain being the bad times the sun reflecting the happy times . The good in life . The beauty of life is that there ia good and bad and it is all interconnected without the bad stuff we would never appreciate how truly great the good times feel . It also reminds me that nothing lasts to take nothing for granted . It takes something as simple as seeing a rainbow to put everything in perspective for me . The simplicity of it all
The colors and the fact that it lasts only a few¬†moments . It highlights the importance of living in the now .that ee can find beauty even in the sucky moments . Now if only i could find a pot of gold at the end of one of these things ?20170604_060927a href=””>TransientTransient

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