The haze of Depression : Foggy

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For some, the sun always comes up every day
Others are forever shrouded in darkness
Simple things like getting out of bed or taking a shower become monumental tasks
Bombarded by the negative voices fueled by self doubt
Trapped in the fog of depression
Happiness buried deep inside you
Struggling to let it out
It hurts so much as you are  screaming on the inside
But you put on a smile
It’s easier than being judged
They won’t understand why despite all the good in your life
You are trapped in a foggy haze that goes on for miles
So you bottle it all up and find a way to cope
Praying you won’t end it all when you reach the end of your rope
Suffer in silence, hoping someone extends a hand to pull you out
An endless cycle of sadness and melancholy
Is what your life’s about
You live in hope that days will become brighter
And you will escape the fog of depression

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire

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