Create A Life You Love And Slay Your Goals With The Living Well Planner

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Am I the only one who feels like the year started last week. Suddenly you wake and it is and it is almost August and you slightly panic because you have not even scratched the surface of all you have planned to do.

As a busy mother, blogger, human I can attest that if you do not at least write stuff down and come up with a mini-plan then you end up as they say up the creek without a paddle. When we get super swamped and overwhelmed we tend t do what is most convenient and well all know sometimes the easiest way is not always the best way.

Do you need help adding a little organization to your life? Introducing the Living Well Planner. This beautifully crafted planner is not just a pretty face; it is also packed with tools to help you organize your diet, budget and break down all of your daily tasks in manageable steps.

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This beauty will begin shipping on August 31st. Anyone who orders between July 11th and August 31st gets the special pricing of $ 39. In addition to the special pricing, you’ll also receive our Weekly Wizard™ and Daily Do It ™ sticky notes FREE with your purchase of the Living Well Planner®.

What are you waiting for? Freebies, discounts, and organization. This sounds like an unbeatable package doesn’t it? Pre-order your Living Well Planner Today … HERE

 A perfect gift.


living well planner bajezen

This month it gets even better. It’s time to GET FREE This FALL. FREE sticker set. FREE shipping. This special promo runs from October 1st to 30th 2018. 

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33 thoughts on “Create A Life You Love And Slay Your Goals With The Living Well Planner

  1. Lisa says:

    I want this striped planner for 2018! Love the design and I checked, right now when you order one, you can order a blue striped planner at special price. What a deal!! One for me and one for a gift!

  2. Chana, weforthreeblog says:

    What a cute planner. I love how planners can be modified any way you want it. Unfortunately, I’ve tried a few and only find myself wasting my money because I don’t like carrying “stuff” with me LOL. But, that’s personal preference. I hope anybody who loves to plan on paper take advantage of this!

  3. janna says:

    Sounds great! my problem is that I buy planners and then use them for a week or so and then they end up under the endless clutter on my desk. trying to get better about it!

    • Tachiwi says:

      I love all things pretty. I think as a fellow Libra you can agree . We all need a little organisation in our lives and no better way to do it than with a pretty planner.

  4. Devendra says:

    I guess everyone feels the same way that if the year just started a week ago. Living well planner looks a great thing to plan your things.

  5. Maria Schaeuffler says:

    Yees I’ve been so busy lately that a planner seems to be wormking with organizing my time! It’s been a learning curb though since I used to not even respect Siri when she’d remind me I had a meeting Happening haha

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