The Prickle of Fear

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Is it easier to wallow in the misery of your comfort zone?
Or be cripled by the prickle of fear?
We often let our souls slowly die
Being suffocated by that old familiar air
Oh for that adrenalin rush of trying something new
Diving into the waters of the unknown
with no life jacket
Baring your soul, naked and vulnerable
Are you strong enough to hack it ?
Are you enticed by the prickles of excitement
that will propel you to a new horizon?
Or will you stay stuck thirsty in the desert of abandoned dreams
Clinging to the mirage of failure?
Burst out of that comfort zone, there are no failures just learning
You have to get uncomfortable to create something wonderful, something great
Follow your heart, take that first step, never ignore those soulful yearnings.

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire  

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