The Underdog Triumph

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the underdog bajezen

No one should ever be underestimated
Inferior, unworthy, loser these words don’t define you
Limits .. what limits?
The smart ones know they are just self-imposed
Take that dream, those wishes, that vision and nurture them  until they  grow
Belief makes everything possible
You are capable, spread your wings and just soar
Let the cannots  fuel your determination
Prove them wrong, transform that dirt into gold
Do it with passion, your own flair and write the greatest tale of an underdog triumph that was ever told.
Written By Tachira Wiltshire

A Poem inspired by The Daily Prompt Underdog

18 thoughts on “The Underdog Triumph

  1. kumamonjeng says:

    Really inspiring post, Tachi. My favorite line is “Prove them wrong, transform that dirt into gold”. This will keep me moving. Anything that we do it with passion and 100% effort, we should see the result sooner or later.

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