Don’t Give Up ! There Is Power In The Present Moment

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Some days the load of life’s problems becomes so exhausting. You just ask yourself wouldn’t it just be easier to quit? Sometimes despite our best efforts everything just seems to turn to shit. 

Giving up may appear to be the easy way out especially when those roots of frustration set in. Giving up gives the illusion of instant gratification, doesn’t it? On the other side of that coin, you are left wondering what if? What if the very day you decide to chuck it all in, is the day your breakthrough will come.

Whenever I lose focus this is the thought that keeps me going. A slight change in focus can wonderfully transform your thinking.

“Your point of power is in the present moment .” Louise Hay




God did not create us to settle, be defeated or mediocre. I acknowledge the fact that I have challenges but I will not dwell on them.  Today I will focus on the good. 

Here are a few quotes that I found inspiring this week. I hope they inspire you as well.

What do you do to find inspiration when you feel like giving up? Happy Almost Friday. Love and Blessings Tachi 

settle bajezen

dreams bajezen


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31 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up ! There Is Power In The Present Moment

  1. Good words. Yeah certainly, the never comes with all the things we wanted it. We have to accept and live each thing and whatever the circumstances we have. I learned to live happily for every minute, worrying wont solve my proble..
    Happy Friday and Stay to be happy.. Happy Blogging..

  2. this is a great post. It’s true that sometimes we all get to the point where we think, gosh wouldn’t it be better to just leave it be and… focus on something else? Truth is – no. We just need to recharge our batteries! 😉

  3. Jenny Morrison says:

    I always tell my kids that their mindset is the most valuable thing they own. What they do with it will decide their life path.

  4. I love a lot of these quotes! I especially love ‘Don’t let dreams remain dreams’. These quotes definitely work. Thank you for sharing this.

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