Trust The Flow

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trust the flow


When I was younger, I always saw endings as a tragedy
They induced panic, caused tears.

So dramatic I was
I always thought they were the end of me
As I grew older and mastered the skill of letting things go
I realised that faith would guide me
The things that fall away were only meant to be there for a moment
The disappointments, the rejections they do not define me
The pain , the upset the messy moments
They all come together to help you grow
So what if it is over? It was fun for the while

The time has come to let it go
Endings don’t have to be sad
It may have been good but better will come
Have faith, take  that leap
Welcome all possibilities with open arms
Let go and let it flow. 

Written By Tachira Wiltshire 


20 thoughts on “Trust The Flow

    • Thanks so much for commenting. I like to always look at them as opportunities so that I won’t get stuck longing for something that has long gone .

  1. Your poems are always very touching. As a teenager we sometimes start worrying too much if things don’t go our way. But as we start letting things go, life becomes much easier and happier. Beautiful poem.

  2. There is so much truth and wisdom in this poem – thank you for sharing. I’m reminded of the saying about how we can hot grab on to anything new with clenched fists – we have to open our hands and let go of what we are holding on to in order to receive new opportunities and blessings.

  3. Tachi, I love the idea of letting go. In life things arise and things fade…it is a rhythm and a cycle we must all undergo and are asked to master. Letting go and letting flow allows us to accept death of whatever was, to welcome the newness that awaits our arrival, and in between the two is the moment of presence: the most precious gift of life. Thank you for reminding me of this important practice and gift. ??❤️
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  4. This is beautiful! I certainly share these sentiments, endings definitely don’t have to be sad, there’s a reason and a season for everything! It takes maturity to accept this. Lovely poem!

  5. So thoughtful and I am totally into the moment of understanding this emotion… I went through almost the same 2 years back.. This is a brave move you got here Tachi! 🙂

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