Think pink – All things girly

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Pink reminds me of all things girly. Pink manicures, pink flowers, girly birthday celebrations. Here is my entry pink captured in random photos. 

Pink Flowers 


Pink Mmanicure


First Birthday Girl 


The Single Pink Cocktail



7 thoughts on “Think pink – All things girly

  1. Interestingly in Western culture pink was traditionally a boys colour. This is just gender biased social brainwashing.

    The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. The reason is that pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.

      • I know people generally associate pink with feminine things but we resisted with my daughter. She was mostly dressed in yellows and greens. Turns out she dislikes pink. My was dressed in mostly reds and yellow and yes blue. Fact is colours have nothing to do with gender. It’s all social programming.

        • Oh I agree with you totally . It was basically though what I was taught when I was younger . I think it’s silly so I won’t teach my daughter it . I personally prefer purples and black . I will share the article on my Facebook page . I loved your contribution to the challenge but was not sure where to comment . I have slow moments at times 🙂

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