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I  was scrolling through Facebook one day and stumbled upon a post that one of my friends tagged by Women Who Paint Rocks. Being the creative craft lover that I am I decided to check out the page.

It took me back to my days in Primary school when I was in the Brownie Guides and I had to decorate some sea rocks for a project. I can not wait until my daughter is older so we can add this to our list of craft activities.

I  think this is such a wonderful idea. Something as simple as rocks is being turned into art. How cool is that? I reached out to the lovely Admin of the page and asked her a few questions about this community of creative-minded ladies.


 How did the community get started?

Women Who Paint Rocks was set up mid-2017 as the result of a group of free-spirited women getting together on a beautiful afternoon with one key objective: you guessed it, to paint rocks. Well, there were snacks and wine involved too!

A couple of the ladies had been doing this for a while and the rest of us saw it as an amazing way to relax and unwind and unleash our creative talents.

It was a great afternoon and I was immediately hooked. Before I knew it I had a clutch of the most gloriously coloured acrylic paints and a handful of paint brushes of every size and shape. That enjoyable, social afternoon with what has since become my dear, wonderful friends coined the phrase, ‘Women Who Paint Rocks’ and I wanted to find a way to share our designs, both amongst the group and beyond, hence the Facebook page. It isn’t exclusive, it’s an open community to which anybody can post. I also set up an Instagram account to share some of the rocks that are being posted to the Facebook page.

women who paint bajezen

Where are the materials sourced?

This is an activity open to everybody, regardless of where you are in your life or your career and regardless of whether you feel you have a talent for painting or not. Everybody has the talent, we just need to find a way to unlock it. You need a few pots of acrylic paint, a brush or two and a bucket load of rocks!

With the crazy pace of life these days we all need to take time out, slow down, relax and do something that pleases us. For me, I have found that through painting rocks and I can spend many hours with my paints and a few rocks, either on my own or in a social group if I’m needing company.

Living on a small island in the Caribbean means that we are surrounded by beautiful beaches and some of those beaches on the east coast deposit some amazing rocks onto the shoreline. But you don’t need to live near a beach. River rocks are also amazing as they’re usually very smooth and whilst you can find very uniform shapes you can also come across some more obscure ones which are great to get the creative juices flowing.


What inspires the designs?

My inspiration is what surrounds me; the ocean, the sand, the swirling skies, the lush plantations, the beautiful insects and anything else that my eyes fall upon. Sometimes I look at a rock and immediately know what it will become before I even get it home. Other times I turn that rock over in my hand whilst walking around the garden or along the beach until an image comes to my mind that fits the feel of that rock.

I had the idea of sharing the rocks with others and creating a range signifying Barbados, the mother rock if you like (all of the designs in this range include the words Barbados 2017). These rocks are placed around the island and I love to imagine the look on the persons face when they find it and are invited to take it home. I also adore the idea of that rock travelling one mile or thousands of miles before it reaches its new home. The idea of getting people to post their photos to the Facebook page was a way of sharing that joy even further. Also, I don’t have enough room in my house to keep all my rocks!


Do you paint as a hobby or is your art for sale?

I don’t paint to order and I don’t sell my rocks. This isn’t about creating a business or turning a profit; it is purely about creating a community of like-minded people who take pleasure in this simple activity, whether that be painting a rock or hoping to find one. However, I have done a couple of commissions for people (that sounds a very grand term) and will typically ask that a donation is made to the local RSPCA in return. The individual gets something that portrays their sentiment, or grief in some instances, and the charity benefits from a small donation. Win-win! It’s a small way of giving back and one which gives me great pleasure.


If you want to join the community please like and follow our  Facebook page or follow the Instagram account, both of which can be found @womenwhopaintrocks


29 thoughts on “Women Who Paint Rocks

  1. Evelyn Lo Foreman says:

    Tachi, Love this process and learning more about the community. Your butterfly rock is even more magnificent close up. What a wonderful way to foster creativity, meditation and art. Thanks for raising awareness. I may just join you! =) xo Evelyn, PathofPresence.com

  2. Lisa says:

    This is a wonderful idea, everyone can find a rock and you really only need a few paint colors to get started. I would love to stumble upon one of these hand painted rocks and bring it home with me!

  3. nadaliebardo says:

    These rocks are beautiful, I miss my crafty days. I painted on a few rocks some small and one really large one for the neighbour’s porch. I hope I can find some time and sit down and paint one day in the near future.

    • Tachiwi says:

      Girl is there ever any time for anything lately . I used to paint so much myself . I hope you can find time again soon . Thanks for commenting .

  4. Amy says:

    Beautiful Post! The rock you painted is beautiful! We have a community that paints rocks here in Michigan too, and I think its like finding a treasure! I actually painted a larger rock, as a garden stone about 5 years ago as a gift for a friend of mine who was suffering with a chronic condition. I painted it with a Scripture verse on it, and she said it was so lovely and precious to her. Its as though you are celebrating how beautiful nature is.

    • Tachiwi says:

      I wish I could take credit Amy . This was the idea of a wonderful lady here . That was a very sweet gesture on your part , it is wonderful to see nature being celebrated and not destroyed for a change .

  5. Karla says:

    This is such a talent! I was amazed by their ideas. Very artistic. I would love to do this on all the rocks that I can see on road.

  6. Sarah Fatima says:

    Wow! this is so cool. I am not that much creative to paint rocks or anything but I love to see creative people and their creativity. Going to follow facebook page 🙂 These rocks are best for home decor.

  7. Jen @ Jenron Designs says:

    We have a sweet lady in our neighborhood who started a local rock club like this. She paints rocks and hide them all over our walking trails and playgrounds. Then she created a a neighborhood FB page where the kids could take pictures when they found them and re hide in a new location for another to find. It was wildly successful and the kids started to add to the collection. I will let them know about the bigger movement here.

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